Stir&defoam machine

It is a machine "Hi-Merger" which can mix liquid and powder without mixing bubbles.
Centrifugal force is applied to the container in both directions of rotation and revolution, and the convection generated is used for rapid and high-precision mixing and defoaming of materials.
The touch panel and the software developed by our company are used to realize the convenient and intuitive operation.

【What is mixing】
The operation of mixing powders and liquids or different liquids to make a uniform paste and slurry.

【What is defoaming】
The operation of removing bubbles in paste, slurry and liquid.

【What is degassing】
The operation of removing dissolved gas from liquid by using vacuum pump.

【Rotation&revolution mix&defoam machine】
A device that let the container in which the materials rotation and revolution simultaneously to handle the defoaming and degassing while stirring and dispersing the materials.
Convection is generated in the container, which can effectively mix and defoam.

High usability

Besides Japanese, it can also display English and Chinese.
Even beginners can use it immediately.

Extensive options

It can meet the needs of individual users, as well as special design and special software.


Rotation&revolution stir&defoam machine Hi-Merger

Removes bubbles created during stirring.

Simultaneous rotation & revolution
at high speed generates convection flow of materials,
and push out the bubbles it created at the same time.
Atmospheric pressure type can sufficiently defoam, but vacuum pressure type is recommended when you want to remove dissolved gas dissolved in the material (liquid).

Reduces the damage to materials.

Having no rotor blade, thus cause no direct damage to materials.
Furthermore, the containers also rotate itself, make no losses of materials.

Principle diagram of rotation / revolution stirring and defoaming



Clay:Before stirring
Before stirring
Clay:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin:Before stirring
Before stirring
Epoxy resin:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger

Two-component adhesive

Two-component adhesive:Hand-stirred
Two-component adhesive:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger

Algin acid

Algin acid:Hand-stirred
Algin acid:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger


Silicone:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger

Black-painting materials

墨塗り剤:After stirring by Hi-Merger
After stirring by Hi-Merger

Ultraviolet cure glue

UV硬化接着剤:Before stirring
Before stirring
UV硬化接着剤:After mixing
After mixing


シーラント:Before stirring
Before stirring
シーラント:After mixing
After mixing

Insulating paste

絶縁性ペースト:Before stirring
Before stirring
絶縁性ペースト:After mixing
After mixing

Varnish and pigment

ワニス+顔料:Before stirring
Before stirring
ワニス+顔料:After mixing
After mixing


ファンデーション:Before stirring
Before stirring
ファンデーション:After mixing
After mixing


美容液:Before stirring
Before stirring
美容液:After mixing
After mixing


グリース:Before stirring
Before stirring
グリース:After mixing
After mixing

Starch +Syrup

でんぷん粉+シロップ:Before stirring
Before stirring
でんぷん粉+シロップ:After mixing
After mixing


Applications Product applications ・Material examples
Resin・Adhesive・Sealing compound Epoxy resin Silicone resin Acrylic resin Urethane resin
Sliding agent(SKC、Moglice、Turcite bond) Varnish Gasket Sealant Gom
Two-component adhesive One-component adhesive Ultraviolet cure glue Adhesive for optical lens(Balsam etc.)
Black-painting materials(Paint for optical elements Anti-reflection paint on the inner surface of the lens GT-7 etc.)
Electronic material Solder paste Sliver paste Conductivity ・Resistance Insulating paste
Insulating varnish Encapsulant Encapsulant for LED Sealant Secondary battery material
Ink・Paints・Pigments Printing ink Paint toning
Cosmetics materials Lipstick Mascara Nail gel Cream Essence(Emulsion Basic cosmetics etc.) Foundation
Chemical materials・Research・Development Cellulose Nanofibers(CNF) Fiber material Biomass nanofiber
Mineral・Lubricating oil Abrasive grains Cement Lime Sintered material Grease
Food Syrup Starch powder
Medical materials・Dental materials Medical components Medical products Dental materials(Alginic acid etc.) Ointment

Hi-Merger Products List