Metal co-lapping machine



  • Spherical co-lapping machine for metal works
  • Metal works lap each other through a swing movement


Spindle 2-axis
Drive 1-axis 1-drive
Distance between axes 400mm
Supported workpiece diameter ϕ10 ~ ϕ80
Supported workpiece curvature R7 ~ ∞(Concave-convex)
Spindle nose size ϕ30With socket、11/8-10山 UNF
Max. tool plate diameter(貼付皿) ϕ160(MAX)
Main spindle tilt angle 0 ~ 30˚(Swing backward)
Swing position 75 mm from end face of tool attachment
Upper spindle swing distance 0 ~ 20mm(Scale 1mm)
Number of swing cycles 30CPM
Upper spindle travel distance ±45mm(Scale 1mm)
Pressing pin adjustable amount ±5mm
Main spindle rotation speed 600 ~ 2,400min-1(Variable speed through inverter)
Pressing pin ϕ16 x 175L nose R0.3
Load MAX10kg
Timer 1次圧 0 ~ 10seconds
Operation time 0.1seconds ~ 9,990hours
Main spindle electric motor 0.75KW x 2P
Upper spindle swing motor 90W x 2P(ギヤヘッド付)
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Air consumption 2/min(1Circle)
Voltage AC200V 3-phase AC 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption 3KW
Dimensions 1,034 x 850
Size Width(W) 1,034mm
Depth(D) 850mm
Height(H) 1,590mm
Weight 500kg


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